H2020 FORGENIUS | New EU funding

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After a very good evaluation of our new H2020 project on forest genetic resources in Europe - we had a 2 months cliff-hanger. Our project came in third and was put on a reserve list. Today it became official that we will actually get funded after all and thus can continue our successful consortium the next four years. We will be investigating about 20 European forest tree species combining tools from remote sensing to genetics to characterize Genetic Conservation Units genetically, phenotypically and environmentally. The ultimate goal is to provide the forestry sector with tools and resources to better manage forest genetic resources to help adapt the European forests to the challenges of the future.


  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Nauss (UMR)
  • Dr. Katrin Heer (UMR)

Collaboration partners and Institutions

FORGENIUS involves academic research groups, non-profit organizations and industry located in the France, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy… to name a few. More information will be posted in the near future.